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7 Weirdest Things You Can Pay For On Your Credit Card

Dating back as far as the mid-1900s, credit cards have been in existence, starting off as store cards you could only utilize them locally at particular businesses. Nowadays, the amount of items you can purchase with one credit card is much broader. Everything from filtered water, computer programs, to a vehicle can be placed on a charge card where you can pay later. There are always new random things people charge, but here are seven strange credit card uses that you most likely never thought about:

1. Paying for a sitter

Avoiding having to scrounge around for cash at the end of the night out to pay your babysitter when you use sites such as Care.com and sitting around. Not only will these services help you find a sitter, but they also take payment online using your credit card. On the other hand, savvy sitters can simply hook up a Square payment device to their smartphones and accepts cards at your house.

2. Traffic violation tickets

There are a number of local municipal courts that happily accept credit cards to pay for any traffic violation tickets – Some will tack on a small “convenience fee,” since many government entities are exempt from laws forbidding companies from charging. This is a win for everyone since courts receive timely payments without worrying about checks bouncing or being lost in the mail, allowing citizens to quickly receive confirmation they’ve paid their fine – and can move on with their lives.

3. Farmer’s market shopping

Nowadays most farmer’s markets are all ages, and flea markets have never been more popular in residential areas. In previous years, many merchants missed out on opportunities for business due to there ineptitude to accept only cash. They’ve started using services like Square and other forms of mobile payment systems. One elegant solution is the Square Stand, which turns an iPad into a de facto cash register.

4. Paying for appliances

If you’re ever thinking about purchasing expensive things, such as beds and light fixtures, make sure you use a credit card. Most credit card organizations will offer service agreements on your item – which is amazing because of the informal law of guarantees that most products stay issue-free until the day the warranty has come to close. A few cards may offer price protection: If the store you purchased your products from promotes it at a less expensive cost inside a specific time limit, credit card organizations will discount the remaining amount.

5. Travel

You should utilize your credit cards whenever you travel for business or pleasure locally or even abroad. This can be a simple method to book a flight, a few cards give rewards points you can apply toward future travel purchases. Numerous cards offer price protection anyway you travel, so regardless of whether you’re buying train tickets, you’ll be able to have security and coverage in case someone becomes ill or other unforeseen reasons. Most motels or hotels require a credit card in order to check-in for your stay, yet you may qualify for the additional advantage that incorporates attendant services and private lounges when you utilize a favored card. In case you’re voyaging abroad, a few cards waive foreign transactional fees.

6. Contracting workers to fix your home

Whenever an employee is contracted out as a worker, they will recommend being paid in cash or with a money order. In the event that they will accept it, use a credit card. Regardless of whether they charge you any additional fees, it might be justified, despite all the trouble. Whenever there’s an issue, you’re not completely happy with the work or it hasn’t been finished, the business could advocate on your behalf. The card additionally makes it simpler to stop or retain installments.

7. Rental cars

Most people don’t ever think about how they can use their credit card to rent a car and how it can help you budget finances better. Many of the most known cards exclusively offer insurance for car rentals whenever there are additional fees that are accrued. You never have to think about paying more through a rental company. Using these perks will eliminate the process if you simply bought insurance with your debit card.

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