8 Simple Ways to Find the Best Deals

Here at The Bargain Radar, our main love is finding you Bargains! Easy and fantastic ways to find the best bargains out in internet world! Money off, great savings, cashback and rewards, and free samples! Here is The Bargain Radar guide!

There are some really simple general rules to keep in mind as you browse different sites looking for a gift, new clothes, a laptop for school, or whatever you are searching for.

Walk away from the purchase – just once!

When you get to the point of checking out, make sure you have your website bookmarked, but just walk away! Leave whatever you have bought in your shopping cart and click OFF the site. You will find in many cases, you will receive a further ‘deal’ in your email inbox, some additional money off. It will not always happen, of course. However, we think you may be surprised at the results.

Follow your favorite and most used brands on social media.

Nearly every major retail brand uses its social media presence to help sell their products. They will inform you of the latest announcement and deals and any specific promo codes you can use that day or week. Stay as up-to-date and you will not miss anything.

Plan, plan and then plan some more.

As you move through your first days, weeks and months or become the best Bargain Radar hunter you can be, you’ll notice patterns and pick up tips that will be as relevant on a monthly or annual basis as they are when you first learn of them. Build up your knowledge base and it will last you for years. Add to it as often as you can, and you’ll very soon have a formidable arsenal of tips and tricks at your disposal.

Shop out of season.

Seems like a simple one when you say it out loud! However, you will see that there is a good amount of planning and time to be invested to get it right. So, as we head into the festive season, you’ll find amazing deals on summer clothes. As Spring arrives, look for your Winter coat for next year. As soon as school semester is ending, get ready to pounce on great deals, as the stores try to run down their stock. There are great deals to be had with some simple planning.

Also, we have some more detailed articles on The Bargain Radar to help you navigate your way to the best deals.

Deal/Coupon sites:

There are hundreds of sites that either gather all the great deals out there and can deliver them to you in a bitesize, when you just open an account and set up preferences based on your interests. Or you can go directly to the coupon sites, like Groupon, who will show you all the deals they have in your local area.  Read more here in our dedicated cashback and coupon article.

Browser Extensions:

The multitude of options in this area can hugely assist and simplify your search for a Bargain. Whatever you are searching for, these amazing browser add-ons will deliver deals and cost savings directly to your shopping cart. We give more detail and some examples of the best available extensions here.

Grocery Apps

We all need to eat! So, one of the biggest areas in your monthly finances to find savings is your grocery bill. We have looked at some of the best apps in the marketplace to help you make easy savings and take advantage of deals. Read more here.

Loyalty and Reward accounts + Travel

Finding a new customer is so much harder than preaching to the converted. All the main brands want you to come back and spend with them over and over. Most companies offer loyalty programs, that will offer you deals and savings in the future to keep your custom.
Here, we look at loyalty programs in general, and here more specifically in the travel sector.

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