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We at The Bargain Radar make it our job to keep you aware of great deals and ways to make some extra money, so you don’t have to do the searching yourself. Let US put these on YOUR radar!

In the first of our ‘Money Making’ articles and with the holiday season approaching, we wanted to show you our Top 5 different sites that you can make real money without buying anything! This is a WIN, WIN situation! Whether you are retired and want to make some extra cash; at home while watching your favorite TV show, or a hard-working mom who didn’t know you can get cashback on most of your usual grocery and household shopping.

Dedicating just a couple of hours a day can translate to serious cash! Using one, or a combination of the following sites could easily earn you over $250 a month. Imagine that!? A couple of bills taken care of! One or two gifts paid for! A week’s grocery bill covered! You could start to save! Treat yourself to something! And it’s all so easy to do…

1. Swagbucks

First up on The Radar is Swagbucks. Once you have set up your account, there are a huge number of ways to earn your SBs (yes, that’s Swag Bucks). 100 SBs equals $1 of real cash, so it’s easy to see your real cash amount start ticking up. Redeem your earnings as soon as you hit $5, via gift cards or PayPal.

How do you earn your SBs? Initially, as you’ll see with most of the sites we review, start by completing your profile. The potential is there to add $10 right away – boosting your balance immediately.

As soon as you have completed the sign-up, your dashboard shows everything you need. There are a lot of options: surveys will pay up to $2.50 (the longer the survey length, the more you can earn – as a rule). You can also watch advertisements, movie trailers and sign up to test products (Hulu and Dollar Shave Club among many others). Doing all these things will add real money to your balance.

Additionally, Swagbucks also gives you the option to play cash and free games, and even earn cashback on some great shopping brands. So, tip here is to use this for the stores you already love, so you earn cashback for items you would be buying anyway!

It’s a lot of fun, so sign up for Swagbucks now and start earning.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is an online rewards club! They basically give you $5 free for completing the quick profile. Be sure to take care with this, as the information you add here will potentially get you access to higher-paying survey rewards!

Inbox Dollars has a lot of very cool features and is the most attractive and interactive dashboard of this type of site. You can answer questions to progress on their ‘Scratch & Win’ line, which gives you the chance to win up to $100!

You can even play games on the platform to add to your balance! Mahjongg, Solitaire, Bubble Shooter! It’s pretty awesome. Earning real cash for free just by watching TV and Movie Trailers?! Yes, please.

There are always surveys to add to your cash balance, plus you are presented with ‘Latest Offers’. Tip here is to make sure you line up your interests against their offers. For instance, if you have always wanted to give to the ASPCA, then do it here and earn some cashback. Wanted to try Tidal music service? This strategy cuts the cost of things you already want!

When you reach $30, you can cash out via check, eCard, or PayPal. It’s simple and fun. Look for yourself today!

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a straight-up market research option to earn your cash! There are fewer bells and whistles than some of the other sites, but there is MORE potential to earn higher payouts on their surveys.

There are some that pay up to $75, but don’t expect them to come across your Radar every day. They are rare and you’ll need to be one of the more active of the 10 million Survey Junkie members to land one of those!

Make sure you add as many details in your profile as you can, as this information will directly affect the opportunities you are given access to, including the higher-paying surveys. Try to be consistent in terms of taking surveys every day, as that will also increase your chances of being shown the higher $ value surveys!

Similar to the other sites reviewed, you will earn points for signing up and completing your profile, then it’s possible to earn $5-10 a day, with occasional boosts to that, if you spend an hour or two a day completing surveys. That can seriously add up!

Cash-out options are very good. You can get access to your real money at $10 and above, via Gift Card or PayPal. Go get your Survey ON and sign up here!

4. MyPoints

MyPoints is a rewards site that allows its users to earn money from taking surveys and shopping online with over 2,000 online retailers including Macy’s, Target, Groupon, Best Buy, Amazon and eBay among many other fantastic brands.

MyPoints also offers a $10 bonus for signing up, based on certain qualifying events during your first 30-days of membership.

You can also play games, watch videos, and even use the MyPoints Yahoo search feed to earn additional points by using the search engine to ask questions! This is a great option, so be sure to check it out.

A unique selling point for MyPoints is that the threshold to withdraw your real money is lower than most similar sites. You can redeem your points at just $3, via gift card, PayPal, or Direct Deposit to a Visa pre-paid card.

It also has its own dedicated ‘Travel’ section, with partnerships including Expedia, Enterprise Car Rentals, hotels.com, and others. You can book your vacation on the site and earn points directly into your MyPoints account.

The site and community have been growing and thriving since 1996, so over 20 years of trusted operation and rewarding its users!

5. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome is much more focused on earning cashback with your every day online and offline purchases. Over 12,500 retail partners are included on the site, so you can save money on pretty much every conceivable thing you can think of!

Grab your $10 sign-up bonus as soon as you can, and in addition to the cashback opportunities, there are surveys to complete and the site partners up with Swagbucks to give you some additional ways to earn real money rewards.

I just spent 30 minutes on the site and made $2, so you can do the math. Spending a couple of hours while you listen to the radio or your favorite podcast could land you $50+ a week. Dedicate some of your weekend, when you’re watching the game, and you could make close to $100 a week.

The bar is a little higher in terms of redeeming your real cash. You need to hit $20 before you can withdraw, but you can then get your real money via Amazon and other gift cards, or directly to you via PayPal.

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