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6 Publishers That Will Pay You to Write Book Reviews

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It was the 5th grade and my English teacher made it mandatory for every student in the class to read one book a month. I remember reading my favorite book and until this day it brings back so many beautiful memories. After each book, we had to write a summary and review of the book. That’s when my love for writing and English literature began.

Here is a list of 6 companies that will reward you for your abilities in literary analysis and get compensated for doing it!

1. The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S. Review of Books hires freelance book critics on a regular basis. Send your resume, samples from your prior assessments and two specialist references to the email address mentioned here to apply.

You can begin publishing paid feedback once your request has been approved! You can specify the books that you would like to review. Titles will then be allocated depending on the type of program and how well the project suits the skill set of the reviewer.

It should take no more than three weeks to complete feedback, and the final product should be up to 300 words.

2. Online Book Club

Disclaimer: For your first review, you won’t be paid. You will receive the book for free in return for an unbiased review. Then you become qualified for paid feedback.

To inspect the method, I signed up for Online Book Club, and it was fairly easy.

Choose which book styles you like and provide your PayPal email (so you can get paid!). You can then browse the booklist and start the review process!

Pay: The website receives $5 to $60 for each review.

3. Kirkus Media

Not only will you be compensated for your challenging work for Kirkus Media, but your reviews will also be published in its “Kirkus Reviews” magazine.

Kirkus Media is looking for qualified candidates to check English and Spanish books across a broad spectrum of categories, generally from self-published writers.

Reviews are expected to be about 350 words and are due two weeks after the assignment.

4. Booklist Online

Booklist is a magazine by the American Library Association. It is used primarily to assist librarians to select books and advise readers.

Booklist reviews are all its articles up to 175 words. But if a book is unique and the critic intends to talk bold about its achievements, they can compose a review of up to 225 words, with the permission of the editor of course.

Pay: The pay rate per review is $15 and $5 for a denied review.

5. Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books releases reviews of books published by and about women, as you can likely assume by the name. The Wellesley Centers for Women publishes the books for women at Wellesley College.

Women’s Review of Books seeks scholars who are professionally trained reviewers, scholars, or journalists. The pay for reviews is $100.

6. Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher’s Weekly is a news magazine dedicated to book publishing and highlighting stories from bestseller lists to book reviews from sector statistics.

Freelancers write the reviews for the books and you could be one of them!

Typically, reviews are about 200 words. To apply, you will need a resume, some videos from previous jobs, and freshly written sample reviews. Publisher’s Weekly is not taking on more book critics at the moment, but they will publish work opportunities on their website, so check back with them daily. 

The pay rate for published reviews is $100. 

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