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Searching For A New Job? This Work-From-Home Job Pays $25-$50 Per Hour


Looking for a flexible job that permits you to work remotely from home? This role does not require experience, neither making calls or sales. 

This job does not require experience, but it does require you must be a quick typer. A transcriptionist gives you the freedom to set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want every week in many cases.

While transcription jobs are split into employment at a hospital or a courthouse, this job is different and does not require a college degree.

Lisa Mills, blogger at Work at Home Mom Revolution and author of Jump Start Your General Transcription Career: The Fast & Easy Way to Get Started, started transcribing shortly after separating from her husband.

What Do You Need to Get Started as a Transcriptionist?

Transcription needs audio recordings to be listened to and what you hear typed. Companies hiring skilled transcriptionists will generally involve a high-quality foot pedal with the famous Express Scribe transcription software to control video playback.

Most of the firms hiring newcomers, however, are more laid-back in their machinery demands, so you only need a laptop and high-speed internet connection to begin working.

Is Transcription Easy?

It sounds pretty simple, right? But just like any other job, it won’t be for another what would be simple for one individual.

The records you listen to, for instance, will sometimes be of very bad quality, making it hard to comprehend what is being said. And other occasions, you may discover yourself attempting to understand uncertain dialog spoken in poor English.

The job is quite repetitive as well. You’ll have to listen to the same sound, again and again, to be sure you’ve recorded it correctly. If you don’t like repetition, you might not like transcription.

The work’s flexible, however, can compensate for the reality that it can be difficult and repetitive.

Moreover, handling your own agenda ensures that when you need it, you can plan your time off.

How Much Does Transcription Pay?

Payment can differ for a transcription job. “Compared to most work-at-home employment, general transcription performs well,” states Mills. “The least I’ve ever produced is $15 per hour. But I often create $25 or more per hour. Those who are legal specialists can earn an even greater salary per hour.”

The precise quantity you receive as a transcriptionist depends on the business for which you work, how much job is accessible, and your speed and level of expertise.

While for me Mills interpreted her amount, notice that transcription businesses generally charge a price per audio hour or a price per page, although the paid price for audio hours appears to be the most common.

An hour of audio is not the same as a regular hour. For instance, if you’re charged $50 per hour of audio, that implies you’re going to gain $50 per hour of audio that you’re transcribing.

It might take you from two to five hours to transcribe just one hour of audio, based on the type of the database and the tier of transcription.

Rates below $45 to $50 per audio hour are often considered too small by experienced transcriptionists. But if you’re brand fresh to the industry, you might discover it worth working on a reduced price to get began and discover precious abilities that might assist you subsequently get a better-paid work of transcription.

6 Companies That Hire Beginner Transcriptionists

Here is a list of legitimate firms hiring beginner transcriptionists on a regular basis. Before hiring you, most of these businesses will ask for you to pass brief, easy transcription exams.


TranscribeMe is a popular transcriptionist business. You must enroll and then join its Transcriber Training Program before you can start initiatives. A great factor is transcriptionists are not required by the company to work a set number of hours.

The business pays $15 per hour for audio and requires no transcription courses or license before starting. All you need is a sensible laptop with Google Chrome installed and a secure link to the internet. Another great factor is, PayPal will pay you daily for the audios transcribed. 


Once they pass a typing exam, Quicktate will employ beginner transcriptionists. Beginner freelancers of the company transcribe brief voicemail texts, memos, emails, conference calls, and more.

You may be transferred to iDictate after you’ve completed transcription for Quicktate and mastered transcriptions, a sibling business that pays even more for transcribed documents. Quicktate pays about one cent per four words, while iDictate costs two cents per four words. You can work as much as you like, and PayPal pays them daily.


Before claiming duties from Rev, you will need to take a grammar exam. This allows transcribers to work as much or as little as desired.

Rev pays $22 to $39 per audio hour, which comes out to 36 to 65 cents per audio minute. The business pays weekly by PayPal and requires no unique facilities apart from a laptop with a secure link to the Internet.


Since 1989, Tigerfish has used home-based transcriptionists to transcribe their customers ‘ audio documents. Before you work for Tigerfish, you will need to take a skill exam.

Tigerfish enables candidates to use Express Scribe for skill testing, but using Power Play for Windows Media needs good individuals.

Until you apply, the business will not disclose data about wages.


Crowdsurf is specialized in supplying the hearing impaired with transcribed media documents.

If you’re working for Crowdsurf, you’ll have to build an account with Amazons Mechanical Turk, a leading crowdsourced job platform where Crowdsurf houses your transcription duties.

You’re going to gain about 3 to 20 cents per transcription minute. You will be paid to your Amazon Payments Account via Amazon.

If you want to gain little additional funds, apply to one of these businesses for transcription and you will be on your way to making money. Now how easy is that!

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