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How Smart Homeowners Learn To Never Pay For Covered Home Repairs Again

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Why Every Home Owner Needs a Home Warranty

Still unknown to many is a brilliant program, where homeowners never have to worry whether they’ll be able to afford covered home repairs or find a qualified contractor to help.

Did you know if your air conditioning stopped working, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover that? The same goes for your plumbing leaks, heating system, electrical failures, kitchen & laundry appliances and so much more. That’s why so many homeowners are getting Choice Home Warranty, a plan that covers these items and you never have to pay for covered home repairs again.

Usually, home warranties are offered when a home is purchased. It’s a huge plus for the home buyer as it takes away the stress of home repairs within the first year. No homeowner wants to deal with home system failures, like a washing machine or the home’s heating system during the freezing temperatures of winter. Unexpected repairs like these could run in the $1,000s of dollars to fix.

But did you know home warranties are not just for new homeowners? That’s right, existing homeowners have the ability to purchase a home warranty at any time. It doesn’t matter if your home is new or 30 years old, you can still get a home warranty plan and never pay for covered home repairs again.

How Do I Get A Home Warranty Quote?

Step 1: Click the link below and check if your zip code qualifies for a Home Warranty Plan.

Step 2: Once you submit your zip code, you’re one step closer to never paying for covered repairs again.

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